This statement was adopted at a church meeting held on  March 2017                                      

It will be presented each year to a church meeting held in the month of March  where progress in putting it into practice will be reviewed.

As members of this church we commit ourselves to the safeguarding of adults at risk and ensuring their well-being in the life of this church.
It is the responsibility of each of us to do our best to prevent the physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse of adults at risk and to report any such abuse that we discover or suspect.
We are dedicated to providing pastoral care and support to those who have experienced abuse.
We undertake to exercise proper care in the appointment and selection of those who will work with adults at risk.
The church is committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who undertake this work.
The church adopts the guidelines of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, outlined in Safe to Belong.
Each person who works with adults at risk will agree to abide by these recommendations and the guidelines established by this church. 


 The Designated Person(s) for Safeguarding at this church are responsible for representing the concerns and views of adults at risk at our meetings and to outside bodies. They also are the person(s) to contact for any concerns or questions regarding protecting adults at risk.  Their details are: 
Name Kathy Allen ______________________________________________________________________________­_________
Contact details 07724174493 _____________________________________________________________________________


Contact details ______________________________________________________________________________

Please note: If an adult is in imminent danger of harm, you should contact
the police or emergency services without delay on 999.



Statement on Safeguarding Children
 And Young People in the Church


Ebenezer Baptist Church (referred to as “the church” in the Policy Statement)
Growing and sharing in God’s love is the purpose and mission of this church
In fulfilling this purpose the church
Welcomes children and young people into the life of our community
Makes our premises available to organisations working with children and young peopleThe church recognises its responsibilities for safeguarding all children and young people under the age of 18(regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability) as set out in The Children Acts of 1989 and 2004, Safe from Harm ( HMG 1994 and Working Together under The Children Act (WAG 2006)
As members of this church we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all children and young people associated with the church and will pray for them regularly.
In pursuit of this we commit ourselves to the following policies and to the development of procedures to ensure their implementation.
Prevention and Reporting of AbuseIt is the duty of each church member to respond to concerns about the wellbeing of children and to report any child abuse disclosed, discovered or suspected. The church will fully co-operate with any statutory investigation into any suspected abuse linked with the church.
Safe recruitment, support and supervision of workersThe church will exercise proper care in the selection and appointment of those working with children and young people whether paid or voluntary. All workers will be provided with appropriate training, support and supervision to promote the safekeeping of children.
3 .Respecting children and young people
The church will adopt a code of behaviour for all who are appointed to work children and young people so that they are shown the respect that is due to them
4. Safe working practices
The church is committed to providing a safe environment for activities with children and young people adopt ways of working with children and young people that promote their safety and well-being
5. A safe community
The church is committed to the prevention of bullying of children and young people. The church will seek to ensure that the behaviour of any who may pose a risk to children and young people in the community is managed appropriately.
Responsible people
The church has appointed Mrs Kathy Allen  as the Safeguarding Co-ordinator to oversee and monitor the implementation of the policy and procedures on behalf of the church’s charity trustees
Contact 07724174493
Mrs Kathy Allen is Designated Person for Safeguarding at the current time.
Pastoral care
The church will ensure that in cases where abuse is disclosed, discovered or suspected appropriate pastoral care is provided (either from within the church or externally) for both alleged victim(s) and alleged abuser(s)
Availability of policy and procedures
The Safeguarding Children Policy will be read out to the Annual General Meeting of the Church together with a report on the outcome of the annual review. A copy of the Safeguarding policy will be displayed permanently in the church vestibule and will be made available to any member or person associated with the church, parents or carers.
Each worker with children and young people will be given a full copy of the policy and procedures and will be required to follow them.
March 2012
Amended May 2014 and March 2016