Raven House Trust

Food list  JULY 2021


Tinned tomatoes

Tinned vegetables, espcially peas and carrots

Tinned potatoes

Sachet or carton of instant mashed potatoes


Tinned spaghetti. NOT baked beans thank you.


Tinned pulses ( red kidney beans, chickpeas, mixed beans, lentils etc.)


Tinned meat (Hot Dogs, Meatballs, Ham, Corned Beef, Fray Bentos pies, Stewed Steak, Mince, mild Chicken curry) 


Macaroni cheese – tinned or packets


Tinned Tuna


Tins of soup


Tinned fruit


Tinned rice pudding

Tin or carton of custard


Large or small jar of pasta sauce

Packet of rice or microwavable packet.


Packet of cereal


Packets of biscuits




Teabags or coffee





Thank you.





From Peter and Rose in Uganda

Dear John and friends at Magor


16th February

It was great to join Magor on Sunday. It has been 5 months of politics and I had very limited Internet access in the last few weeks. This is in the interest of security but government has promised to improve on this as time goes on. It is so far so good and we hope tranquillity will remain. I loved joining as much as I could this afternoon for your thoughts on Jonah.


School is on again with new challenges. I really pray that the education we offer will benefit the children in their increasingly unpredictable future. That it will equip them to face a new world with new standards, blues and diseases. Our prayer is for provision. Currently there is no harvest that means even no food. Running cost of the school is rising. More staff, fewer children, at the moment even parents who used to contribute towards the school financially are not in position. At the farm there is water and I want to do a system of irrigation. So many prayer points let me stop there.


21st February

One day I went to work at the fish pond. When I looked up, one boy had followed me and he had caught a catfish. When the others saw it the numbers built up from nowhere. I told them ‘go away’. One of the smallest ones looked at me, he laughed and pointed at me saying ‘Kachogipitachefaki!’ that was his version of Kasozi Peter Cephas. He did not believe such a command was in front of my smiling face.

My normal welcome would be a hug. It is now replaced with demand for one or two metres of social distance.


The wider social distance gets the closer my heart goes to them. That is how I stay on the boat going in the right direction. God gives me a way of reaching out where they are. I love them I know firsthand what they are going through. I have been there myself. They will always need someone. With your generosity, you have always practically come with me as I look for them. God bless and reward you richly,

Peter and Rose.


Sudbrook Mission Project.

                                         Picture1 Who cares

 "Who Cares?” is a charity.  South Wales Baptist Association is partnering with Who Cares?  to invite churches to work together in asking people in their communities one big question "What Hurts The Most?"   Check it out on;   https://www.southwalesba.org.uk

Many people feel like no one truly cares about their deepest pain - this is an opportunity to show this community that someone does.  You may be asking yourself right now, "Who Cares?" Well Magor Baptist Church does, we care! 
It is a simple process and one which everyone can participate.  One of the ways to take part is online, simply follow this link;
This will take you to the Magor Baptist Church Questionnaire, it is very simple to complete.  The answers you provide are absolutely anonymous.  The information supplied, once processed, acts like a “community thermometer.”  The unique church code is already shown on the questionnaire.  If you take part, one request, in the “Context” box can you please enter “MBC3.”  
An important thing to remember is that if you want to speak to someone in Magor Baptist Church then use any of these forms of contact;

Telephone: 01633 881342
E-mail: enquiries@magorbaptistchurch.org.uk
Magor Baptist Church Facebook Page
Leave a message; through the church letter box?
Check out our website; https://magorbaptistchurch.org.uk