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Christmas food

Christmas gifts for children and teenagers
Christmas gifts for boys aged 12-16 years especially.  Perhaps ideas can be searched for on the Internet.
Teenage aged girls 12-16 years also.
ALL new children's toys will be important this year, as the need locally continues to be at a high level.
The plan is to give all children a selection box. so there is a particular need for those.
Items can be left at church, last date service of 5 December.
Financial donations can be made to Raven House electronically, by contacting them by phone (01633 7629990
or by going to their website, where there is a "make a financial contribution" section on the left of the home screen.
This can be by electronic payment, the bank account details are given, by cheque or by Paypal.
Thank you for being part of this important work.


Sudbrook Mission Project.


             Picture1 Who cares

 "Who Cares?” is a charity.  South Wales Baptist Association is partnering with Who Cares?  to invite churches to work together in asking people in their communities one big question "What Hurts The Most?"   Check it out on;

Many people feel like no one truly cares about their deepest pain - this is an opportunity to show this community that someone does.  You may be asking yourself right now, "Who Cares?" Well Magor Baptist Church does, we care! 
It is a simple process and one which everyone can participate.  One of the ways to take part is online, simply follow this link;
This will take you to the Magor Baptist Church Questionnaire, it is very simple to complete.  The answers you provide are absolutely anonymous.  The information supplied, once processed, acts like a “community thermometer.”  The unique church code is already shown on the questionnaire.  If you take part, one request, in the “Context” box can you please enter “MBC3.”  
An important thing to remember is that if you want to speak to someone in Magor Baptist Church then use any of these forms of contact;

Telephone: 01633 881342
Magor Baptist Church Facebook Page
Leave a message; through the church letter box?
Check out our website;