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Book Review by Christine Seabridge


Dirty Glory         Pete Grieg



September 7th this year saw the 21st anniversary of the 24-7 movement.  This book follows on from Pete Grieg’s Red Moon Rising.  In page turning fashion Pete recounts the movement’s adventures in some of the challenging, dangerous places in the world, facing frightening situations.  At the time this book was written, 24-7 had impacted 12,000 locations and millions of people.
Maintaining that Christianity is not about religion but a real prayerful relationship with God, many examples are given of God’s miraculous provision in dire situations as a direct result of prayer.
One of the most striking facts that comes through in this account is that 24-7 always said “yes” to whatever God asked them to do; even at times when it made no sense practically or financially, relying on their absolute faith in Him.
Despite the international success of 24-7, Pete still opines that “there is much hard work still to be done when the majority of people in our generation are turning their backs on Jesus”.
Powerfully written, the honesty of this book encourages the reader to be part of the excitement of acknowledging the relevance of God in everyday life in our modern world.