Covid Update
11th May 


From the Secretary


Although we know that the Covid pandemic is not over and we must all still be cautious the Welsh government have lifted all legal restrictions with the exception of requiring facemasks in healthcare and social care settings.  The last meeting of the group set up to monitor the pandemic and make decisions on restarting our activities was held on Tuesday, 10th May.  We our indebted to the members of the group for keeping the Church safe and our thanks go to them for the valuable work they have done over the last two years.


It is with much regret that I received the letter from Harry(see Members website) announcing his retirement from the Ministry and the Church at the end of August.   Harry has spent over 30 years in the Ministry in Lliswerry, Dorchester and Magor serving the LordWe are extremely grateful to Harry for all the work he carried out in sustaining the Church with his Ministry in the most difficult circumstances we have ever known.